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If you are a real fan of Cigaro or you just like the logo and you like affordable and stylish clothes, coffee mugs, etc. feel free to have a look here: Cigaro Merch

Humidor manager


With the Cigaro app you can manage multiple humidors. With the help of the Cigaro database you can easily add cigars to the humidors.

The database (actually containing over 9000 cigars) complements all known attributes such as format, brand, length, diameter, ring gauge, type of construction (long filler, medium filler, short filler) and country of origin.

Individual or variable attributes such as flavors, suitable beverages, strength, smoking duration and price can be set manually, set by taking over from an already existing smoking protocol or set by recording your own smoking protocol.

Smoking logs and professional cigar rating


Document the enjoyment of a cigar with a smoking protocol. Record how the cut, smoking location, or the beverage consumed with the cigar affected your smoking experience.

Note which flavors you perceived during the smoking process and finally rate the cigar according to specified criteria in a professional way.

Later, you can use the Cigaro cigar selector to determine the right cigar for every occasion based on certain criteria.

Cigar selector


With the Cigaro cigar selector you can find the right cigar for any occasion. Set a time window for the smoking duration or a price range, choose a suitable drink, specify which flavors you prefer, etc.

Cigaro determines the right cigar, if you have, for example, only 25min time to smoke, want a cigar that suits a coffee as drink and you prefer nutty and / or chocolaty flavors.

Cigar counter / Smoking Behaviour Analysis

Cigar counter

Cigaro will (on demand) count the cigars you smoke and keep statistics on them, which provides you with information about the number of cigars smoked and the resulting costs. (overall, daily and in a definable period of time)

Special requests?


Are you a cigar retailer or do you have a very large humidor and need more capacity, connection to ERP and/or your own backend?

Individual solutions are possible.